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College Credit Classes

North Marion High School offers a number of ways where our students can earn college credit while in high school, and get a jumpstart on their higher education.  We offer courses through Chemeketa Community College, Blue Mountain Community College and Willamette Promise.  For more information please visit the counseling office.
1) Chemeketa Community College  - College Credit Now (CCN) - This program allows high school students to earn Chemeketa Community College credit while in high school for only $25 for all CCN classes taken during the school year.  North Marion High School offers the following classes for Chemeketa Community College credit:
North Marion Dept. North Marion Course Chemeketa CC Course(s)
# of Credits
Agri-Science Plant Science 1 & 2 HOR 111  Intro to Horticulture 3
Business & Computers Accounting 2               BA 115  Introduction to Accounting  4
  Word Processing CA 121  Keyboarding     3
  Advanced Word Processing CA 122  Keyboard Skillbuilding 3
  Advanced Word Processing CA 201D  Microsoft Word Processing 1       3
English Writing 115 WR 115  Introduction to Composition  4
  Writing 121 WR 121  The College Essay 4
  Writing 122 WR 122  Argument and Research 4
Heath Social Health HPE 295  Health and Fitness for Life 3
Mathematics College Algebra A & B MTH 111  College Algebra  5
  College Algebra C MTH 112  Trigonometry 5
  Calculus A & B MTH 251  Differential Calculus   5
                                             Calculus C MTH 252  Integral Calculus 5
PE Jogging & Fitness PE 185WK  Walking Fitness, Beginning 1
  Physical Conditioning PE 185AA  Sports Conditioning, Beginning 1
  Recreational Basketball PE 185BJ  Basketball, Beginning 1
  Recreational Tennis PE 185TF  Tennis, Beginning 1
  Recreational Volleyball PE 185VJ  Volleyball, Beginning 1
  Ultimate Games PE 185UA  Ultimate Games, Beginning 1
Social Sciences History 104 HST 104  History of World Civilization 4
  History 105 HST 105  History of World Civilization 4
  History 106 HST 106  History of World Civilization 4
  History 201 HST 201  History of the United States 4
  History 202 HST 202  History of the United States 4
  History 203 HST 203  History of the United States 4
College Credit Now Book list:  click here 
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2) Blue Mountain Community College - Students pay $10 per credit and are directly billed by the college.  Mrs. Stoddard has the paperwork and helps the students get registered for the college courses at Blue Mountain CC. 
North Marion Dept. North Marion Course Blue Mountain CC Course(s) # Credits
Agri-Science Animal Science 1 & 2 ANS 121  Animal Science 3
  Equine Science ANS 201 Introduction to Equine Science
3) Willamette Promise - Students earn credits through Western Oregon University.  $30 per year and fees paid after student passes class proficencies, and earned the college credit. 
North Marion Dept. North Marion Course Western Oregon University Course # of Credits
Mathematics Algebra II B Math 095  Intermediate Algebra  4
Computer Science     
CS  160 Intro to Comp Science
    CS 124 Intro to Comp App
Business Sports Marketing 2
COM 111 Fund of Public Sp

Comparison: CCN Classes vs AP Classes

College Credit Now (CCN) Classes

 (offered at North Marion High School)
  • Current cost is $25 for all CCN classes taken during the 2015-16 school year.
  • Classes must be taught by a qualified staff member – someone who has the degree to be considered an Adjunct Professor at a community college
  • The credit for a class is awarded based on the accumulation of grades over the term. So, one bad day or poor test does not prevent students from earning college credit
  • There is no standardized test in May. Students learn material through the end of the class. There is more time for more thorough discussions of the course topics
  • The curriculum is taught and assessed but there is not a specific focus on how to “beat the test”
  • CCN credit is accepted as transfer credit by most universities in Oregon and some schools in adjoining states (Washington, California, and Idaho)


- CCN classes are cheaper

- Curriculum is the focus (not the test)

- Credit is awarded based on all of the student's work

- Success is not guaranteed but most students have success

- Good option for students who are nervous test takers

- Good option for students considering going to a school in the Northwest


Advanced Placement (AP) Classes
(offered at Wilsonville & Canby High Schools)
  • Current cost is $91 per exam
  • Many subjects are offered even if the subject is not taught as a formal class
  • The credit for a class is awarded based on one test score (it is a one shot deal – students who are poor test takers or who have a bad day will not perform well on the test. These students will pay for the test and not earn college credit)
  • Test occurs in May (about 1 month before the end of school)
  • AP courses cover the curriculum but focus part of the time on test taking strategies – some teaching to the test occurs
  • High scores on the AP exams are accepted as transfer credit across the country – This makes AP classes ideal for students looking into universities that are on the east coast or are elite private schools


- AP tests are pricier

- High AP scores transfer to more universities

- Good option for strong test takers

- Success is not guaranteed – usually the best of the best merit college credit

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